Friday, November 13, 2009

The Original Hot Vamp

There's no denying it, vampires are hot right now. And I don't know about you, but it's a trend that can't end soon enough. How many sexy vamp/swooning human girl/doomed romances do we really need? Between The Vampire Diaries, Twilight Saga, True Blood and whatever other show is trying to capitalize on this "beaten to death" plot, none of them can even hold a stake to the original sexy vamp/swooning human girl/doomed romance.

Ah yes, remember Buffy and Angel? The couple who not only started it all, but really knew how the roles should have been played. Vampires are evil, blood sucking demons of the undead and Buffy was chosen to slay them all. And she did it well, for several seasons, in fact. You go girl! None of this damsel in distress crap that those other vamp lovers cling to. Seriously, if Buffy could see how pathetic you all really are, she'd stake all your boyfriends and enlist you in her slayer academy. Except maybe Bella, because clearly, the girl has klutz issues.

Enter the vampire with a soul, Angel, and though there are centuries of angst and broodiness, he's a vamp who's been around long enough that he's not going to waste his time repeating high school for the umpteenth time or play the "woe is me card" either. In fact, he'd rather spend his time helping others fight their demons, so he ends up with his own show, doing just that. Sexy, strong and clearly not hung up on himself, Angel can bite me anytime. No really, Angel, if you're reading this, my address is.... And as far as a duel between Angel and twinkly Edward? Really, is it even up for debate? Hands down Angel/Angeles would kick Edwards sparkly @$$ any day of the week. Because it's really hard to fight when you're pre-occupied with which broody face is less stalkerish looking or which hair gel will give just the right "I feel out of bed" look.

Those other shows and movies can certainly try, but it's already been done, and it was already done really well. So please, can't we just stick the wannabes in a coffin, nail it shut and call it a night? Or at least bring Buffy back armed with lots of pointy sticks.


Xanna's Jewelry Box said...

Well put! I have teens into the whole Twilight thing and yes I've read the books but they still don't compare to Buffy or to Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series.

ElegantSnobbery said...

I still like Edward ;)


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