Friday, May 21, 2010

The Diagnosis

So, after all the tests, the official diagnosis is in and the diagnosis is that there is no diagnosis. My doctor is "stumped" (her words); she even asked the other doctors in her office if any of them had heard of a patient with my symptoms/test results and none of them had. So, loss of taste, SSB positive only bloodwork, and 1 out of 4 glands tested positive with enough lymphocytes (guess the other 3 didn't get the memo). All in all, a weird case. So, I am diagnosing myself as officially having HDM (Holly Danelle Medell - yes, my married name rhymes) Autoimmune Disorder. :oP

My doctor did prescribe me drugs, Paquenil, and said that I needed to get annual eye exams while using it. Apparently, in "rare" cases, vision loss can happen. She kept reiterating that it was a very rare side effect and I wanted to say, "Do you remember who you're talking to?"

In addition to the symptoms listed above, those suffering from HDM will have decreased patience (especially with children and bad drivers), an uncontrollable craving for ice cream and peanut butter M&Ms, hearing loss (though some call it ignoring annoying people), the ability to stump the medical community, and an over abundance of snarkiness. So until a cure can be found, take two Paquenil and invite Ben & Jerry over for lunch.


AlyGatr said...

Well that bites! Honestly, though, I know how you feel. The issues we went through with Amelia and her anemia as a baby, we ended up with a big "I have no idea why it's going on". Luckily, it resolved itself and we really haven't had to worry about it. Are you considering going elsewhere for another opinion or are you going to just throw in the towel?

Winklepots said...

Well, unfortunately, we're on Kaiser insurance, so getting another opinion is not really an option right now. But next year, we're hoping to switch insurances and maybe then I can get someone else to take a look.


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