Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Featured Artist 4/20-4/26

Q: Tell us a little about yourself…
I'm a midnight soaper...something about working in the middle of the night when all is still…I can really concentrate on what I'm doing, perform my very best, and accomplish all sorts of wonderful things. It's quite therapeutic :)
All of my soaps and lipbalms are made with the best possible ingredients I can find, and I do not sell anything that I certainly wouldn't use on myself. That's why you won't find any harsh chemicals or fillers in my products; I wouldn't want to use them on my body, so I wouldn't want you to, either. Instead, I prefer to use moisturing cocoabutter, or sheabutter, as well as vitamin E, olive or macadamia nut oil to leave your skin soft, smooth and conditioned. From time to time, I might include oatmeal, ground walnuts, seeds and other exfoliating qualities...but only the best of the best for you--I even use filtered water!

Q: How long have you been doing this?
I started in 2001, during a business trip with my husband to England. I didn't want to just sit in the hotel room between banquets and social events--so a few of the wives got together and took a one-day professional soap-making class near the hotel. While the others may have seen it as merely a way to pass the time, I took off with it and haven't looked back since.

Q: Who/What inspires you?
Life inspires me. As corny as that sounds, it's really true. Scents are inspirational--and memory-invoking. The zest of lemon energizes us, the scent of cotton brings back the clean sheets on our childhood bed; the warm inviting pumpkin fragrance reminds us of family and togetherness. Special memories, all of them. And that's what I try to do. I want to capture a moment of life in every single bar.

Q: What's your favorite piece?
Oh, gosh, it changes so often because I am constantly discovering new techniques and new oils to work with. I am presently in love with my Red Currant and Thyme Tea Soap. It's such an understated scent and really that's why I adore it. Wine-like fruity aromas with depth and complexity, it's relaxing and soothing.

Q: If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be & why?
I would love to have sat, and talked with, Princess Diana. I think she is a person still greatly admired around the world even after her death, and I would have loved to have met with her to discuss a variety of topics. Plus, could you imagine my soap stamped with the Royal Seal? Awesome!

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why? Skywalker of course. The Jedi will never perish.


Cindy Joy said...

What a wonderful interview! I can practically smell her soap and find myself itching to buy some. I am also a late night artisan - I am just more focused at night when everyone is asleep and there are no distractions.

Kelly said...

You do a great feature, winkle!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Very nice feature interview, Holly!! Those soaps look so lush!!

H.E.Eigler said...

Great feature! Those soaps look good enough to eat. And thanks for coming by my blog, hope to see you often :)


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