Monday, October 19, 2009

Mama Drama Mondays

I'm over at the Mama Dramalogues today. I'm honestly surprised I was even able to post at all, seeing as how I was called to jury duty this morning. Federal jury duty. And I was found guilty.


Suzanne MacCrone said...

Guilty of what...??? I'm off to see what all the "drama" is at the other place.

Ciao bella,

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Holly ~ just tried to post this on the Mama Dramalogues but it would not post...

Okay...I've been called three times since my little boy was born and he just turned five. I was excused (by telephone, no less!) each time because of childcare issues, but I do not think they will excuse me again. I'm waiting until January to find out. That's when the good news usually arrives in the mail.

Funny "dramalogue" Holly. See you soon around Etsy-ville.

Ciao bella,

Sarah Knight said...

do you mean they picked you for jury duty?

perhaps (if they did) it will be interesting.
if not, then bummer.

Winklepots said...

No, in the end I wasn't selected because I wouldn't be able to find someone to watch my kids for the next two weeks, but honestly, it would have been an interesting case to have sat in on. I think if I could have found childcare, I would have been selected. Guess I'll never know.
I'm sure they'll call me again in two years. They always do. :oP


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