Monday, October 5, 2009

A Mad Hatter of a Tea Party

I've posted some photos over on The Mama Dramalogues today, but if you just couldn't get enough of this super cute party, take a look! And if you'd like ideas on throwing one yourself, you can read my how-to's in Part 1 and Part 2.

Super cute, super fun and really easy. No really! Have I ever lied to you? I mean on purpose. :oP

Welcome to Wonderland...

Running through the rabbit hole so she won't be late!

A tea party that's "Just the right size."

Alice enjoying the decor.

Painting the roses red.

"Eat me? Don't mind if I do."

"Hahahaha, eat me!" and repeat a few dozen times. Ryah took a liking to that saying.

"And always say, 'Yeessss, your Majesty!'"

How could you not follow a white rabbit as cute as this one? ;o)

One more thing to note, the next time we do this, I'd like to throw an official Unbirthday Party. Boys can even be invited to this one since there's no princess theme. Everyone brings a gift and since it's everyone's unbirthday, each child will exchange with someone else and take a gift home. We'll probably play croquet next time too. Just a fun afternoon in Wonderland. :o)


ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, that rabbit photo of Ryah is the stinkin' cutest thing ever!! And I'm glad you added a picture of you as the Red Queen!!

What an awesome party!!!

Monica said...

Wow! You did an incredible job! The costumes were fantastic and it looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

AlyGatr said...

OMG, who better to be the Red Queen? Yous guys know how to throw shindig. Next, year, I'm making the trip just for the party (nice how I invite myself!)!!!! You did an amazing job.

Pat said...

You made a memory that will never be forgotten. What brilliant ideas.


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