Saturday, May 24, 2008

National Treasure or How to Snag an Etsy Treasury :o)

I can't break with my movie title theme. :o)
Anyway, I created a thread on Etsy for how to snag a treasury, and included the three links you'll need to do it....
Etsy Forum Thread for Snagging a Treasury

Here is a synopsis...
  1. Find out when the treasuries will open again. You do this by sorting by expiration and counting backward until you find treasury number 333. (Main Treasury Link) When this one expires, they will open. There are 20 treasuries per page, so if the total number of treasuries is 433, count back five pages, and once the last treasury on that page expires, they will open again.
  2. Create a poster sketch. Here's the link (Poster Sketch Link). Pick a theme, find your items, and copy and paste the listing id into the poster sketch. You can arrange listings by clicking and dragging. You have 12 main listings and 4 alternates (you're the only one who can see these).
  3. A half hour before the treasuries open, it's best to watch the screen. People will expire theirs early in order to snag another one. So there may be less time than you think before they open again. A box will appear at the bottom of the screen for entering your treasury title. It's best to already have your title copied so that all you have to do is (control v) paste it and click the "create" button. You have to be fast, you're not the only one who's waiting to snag one.
  4. Now that you have one, open your poster sketch in a separate tab and copy and paste the listing ids into your live treasury.
  5. Voila, you are now an addict. :o)


ElegantSnobbery said...

Well, you got me hooked. Thanks for that ;)

Nikki said...

I love making treasuries!


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