Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Business

"You're not the boss of me!!!"

Aside from loving the movie from the 80's (Bette Midler is fabulous!), I'm starting a series of posts as I start reading a book about becoming my own boss and taking an online course for starting my own business. I'm hoping it will not only be educational for me, but you may take something away from it too. Knowledge is power, so let's go power trippin'! :o)

The book I am reading is called "The Boss of You" by Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears. Throughout the book are small exercises that will help you formulate a business plan (where you want to go, how to get there, measures of success, etc). It's geared toward the female entrepreneur and it focuses on starting and running a small business as opposed to a large scale operation. This is me and if it's you, you may find this book helpful also. I borrowed it from the library (hello, I'm not making any money yet. :oP ) so you may want to check your local library as a resource. Unless you live in Washington County, OR, because I want to keep my copy for a while. :oP

First Chapter Exercises... (you may want to answer these for yourself)

"What's my business goal?"
I would like to be able to work from home and make a small income so I feel like I'm contributing to our household income and enjoy what I'm doing at the same time. No more micro-managing accounting biotches or catty co-workers who have nothing better to do that talk smack on everyone else. Imagine how much more work they'd get done if they shut their yappers for five minutes? But I digress..... :oP I want to love my boss and look forward to work every day. Life's too short to do something you hate for someone you like even less.

"Personal Measures of Success..."
I enjoy what I do and the workload is manageable. One sale a day would be ideal. I look forward to work and the things I create are enjoyed by my customers who will hopefully be back.

"Skills, Strengths and Passions..."
I'm best at designing and creating. I don't enjoy it, but I can manage the books (lots of experience there). I'm really bad at promoting and marketing. I'm not a big phone person either and prefer all correspondence through email, so it looks like I need a secretary.

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