Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sold Out

Our local hockey team is the Portland Winterhawks. I became a fan about 14 years ago (wow, really?) and back then there was no mascot, prize dropping blimp and the zamboni was still white instead of covered with a hideous truck decal.

It's been a couple of years since we went to a game, mostly because the coach at the time was really really bad, and the games were more frustrating than fun. I'm a little disappointed with how things have evolved over the years, with the so called added entertainment, but I was downright livid when we went to the game tonight.

Yes, it's the first game I've gone to that was completely sold out, and not in a full house kind of way. Tonight, I was introduced to the Portland Bimbettes, er, Rosettes, I mean Rosebuds. Portland's first hockey dance team. Apparently, it didn't cross their minds why it never existed in the past; because it's a dumb idea. I guess the lure of the game, beer and brawls wasn't enough, they had to add bimbos to bring in the guys. Really?

If you've ever seen the movie Mean Girls and their hoochie dance to Jingle Bell Rock, it's like that, only imagine 20 of them doing it. I missed the first Ho's on Ice dance routine; I just couldn't bring myself to stoop that low. And during the second, I found my wallet more fascinating and missed watching that one too.

During the second intermission, we had the chance to "get to know" a couple of the bimbettes. One of them had to plug her Etsy shop, which was really tacky (seriously, they had it scrolled on the bottom of the screen), and the other is from Tanasbourne, Oregon. For those who don't live here, there's no such town. It's the name of a shopping district. My friend who was with me, kept saying I could be part of the team, but I assured her I wouldn't pass the IQ test. "I'm sorry, your IQ is above 75, you don't qualify."

Grrrr, seriously, disappointed in the franchise for coming up with this crap. I looked at the website and apparently there's a schedule for when they perform. At least I'll know which games to go to pending their absence.


ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, she got an Etsy shop plug?? I'm so totally going to try out to be a Bimbette. I need to promo my shop some more!

PS, if you don't send me her shop link, I'm never speaking to you again. I NEED a good laugh!

AlyGatr said...

Ah sadly...I live in Houston where we have both the Rockets and the Texans...and the Bimbettes abound. It is Texas after all.


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