Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekly Featured Artist 8/3-8/9

Melanie's Crafts

Q: Tell us a little about yourself…
My name is Melanie. I am a stay at home mother of 2 children, ages 7 and 18m. This summer I have been married for 10 years. My family keeps me very busy. I have loved doing anything artistic since I can remember. I love to paint, draw, scrapbook, and to do many other crafty projects. I just recently painted prints to go with my friend's nursery bedding for a baby shower gift. My favorite items to make are my whimsical creations out of polymer clay.

Q: How long have you been doing this?
I started out making ornaments out of salt dough with my mom as a child. It was either my mom or my sister that suggested that I start using polymer clay. I loved it. I have been making ornaments & magnets for about 15 years now and started making beads a few months ago. I made daisies as favors for my wedding and have given many ornaments for years to all of my friends and family. I just started selling my products a few months ago.

Q: Who/What inspires you?
My family & friends are a big inspiration. Every time there is a new milestone I seem to create something new. I love creating things for weddings, birthdays, showers & holidays.

Q: What's your favorite piece?
I don't seem to have just one. I love them all for different reasons.

Q: If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be & why?
That's a tough one. I think I would like to meet my great grandmother on my father's side. She passed away the year I was born. My father grew up in her home and I would love to hear stories about my how my father and grandmother were as children. She was also a pioneer of her time, she received a degree Analytical Chemistry in 1920 from the University of Buffalo. She wanted to be an engineer, but in that day and age, they did not allow women into the engineering program.

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
Ok, my husband says definitely Luke Skywalker. I personally don't like the fact that they are dueling, it makes me very uncomfortable. I really like them both. It's too hard to choose a winner, I think it's a tie. BTW, my husband thinks I am pathetic. :-)

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