Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unfortunately, I'm Neither Naughty or Nice

Warlock Hair Falls by hairfromhell

A few weeks ago, my friend Marisa (ElegantSnobbery) started a thread in the Etsy Forums called Unfortunately, (Your Name Here). The idea was to google the words "unfortunately" and then your name and see what pops up. The thread was a hoot and I thought it would be funny to post some of my favorites pertaining to me and people I'm close to.

Holly (me)
"Unfortunately, Holly’s birth also attracts the attention of Herrikhan, an evil warlock who freezes Holly’s heart, leaving her unable to survive in warm temperatures."
This explains a LOT!

"Unfortunately Holly is neither naughty nor nice."
Don't I know it.

Jim - The Husband
"Unfortuately, Jim's orange dry suit made him look like a carrot."
Anyone else think this is in reference to a prison jumpsuit? Hmmmm.

"Unfortunately Jim's not feeling that well and Mr Yakamoto hates him."
Mr. Yakamoto was always a jerk anyway. :oP

Peri - The Older Daughter
"Unfortunately, Peri believes that the path to child genius involves allowing the twins to do whatever they like."
You know what's weird? She's pre-dispositioned to have twins when she has kids of her own. Yikes!

Ryah - The Younger Daughter
"Unfortunately, Ryah doesn't care for the show."
This is true, she's still more interested in toys. This is also the only "unfortunately" I could find.

Patricia - The Mother-in-law
"Unfortunately, Patricia had a problem with her back after an argument with a rock, so a number of us chipped in to lighten her load."
Rocks can be notoriously unsociable. I completely understand.

William - The Father-in-law
"Unfortunately, William slipped into robbery and, caught by Spider-Man, was sent to Ravencroft and later the Cage, where he was nearly set free by the Rhino."
Wow, I had no idea your life was so complicated. But you met Spider-Man; that's cool.

Feel free to add your own in a comment. I love reading these. :o)

Images top to bottom: Carrot crochet by chimeracrochet, twin print by Dilkabear, single pebble by cupcakequeen11.


mary jane said...

too funny!
i'm going to try that!

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

"Unfortunately, Amanda's wild ways are just too much for the Headmistress, and Amanda is asked to turn in her pearls, pack her bags, and leave Hedsor Hall."

"Unfortunately, Amanda is disappointed when she chooses her first book at school and discovers that she knows only one word."

Haha, that is fun!

Winklepots said...

LOL, that second one is funny Amanda. :o)

Momma J said...

Too funny!

TheSeaWithin said...

Hmmm...I might have to try that.

soapdeli said...

Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Those are so funny!

Audrey said...

Well for me it would read:

Unfortunately it's 6:50 am on a Sunday, I can hear my dog barking in the garage and she would like to go out. That means I have to leave my nice warm office.

Parallax said...

LOL, I missed the forum thread, but that funny enough I'm going to try it later and see what I get

Rachel said...

Unfortunately Rachel is lesbian and Keith Olbermann who is 49, has a 24 year old live-in girlfriend (Katy Tur).

ElegantSnobbery said...

I've always thought Mr. Yakamoto was a jerk. And I'm glad you're neither naughty or nice, though I seriously think you lean toward the naughty more than the nice.

Heehee, it is fun, isn't it?

Unfortunately, Marisa seems to be a porn star who needs a plaid skirt. Poor Marisa!


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