Friday, July 24, 2009

Feature Friday - Moon Over Maize

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special...
A: I am a semi crunchy (home birth, breastfeed, buy local and organic produce, vegetarian, etc) mom of a 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter and married to a dashing English man.

Q: What do you make/create?
A: I create two different lines of jewelry. The first is mothering jewelry which focuses on pregnancy, nursing, homebirthing and fertility. My other line is everyday jewelry for any one to wear and enjoy.

Now onto the really important questions...

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be? Why?
A: I had such a hard time with this question so my helpful hubby stepped in and answered:
'I was going to say vacuum cleaner, but then I realized that would suck'. Yes, this
is the humor I live with on a daily basis.

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
A: It was my husband asking what I was planning on doing for dinner.

Q: What's your most embarrassing moment?
A: I don't embarrass easily so I don't remember many embarrassing moments, but this one always makes me giggle....My husband and I met on Sept 11, 2001 in a pub in England and I knew I wanted to be with him for good. We met up the next night with one of his mates and when they brought the drinks to the table I was intrigued by Stuart's (my future hubby) dark and tempting ale. Figuring it was Guinness I asked to try some and when I took a sip I spat it out as it did NOT taste like what I was expecting. It was cold, fizzy and really sweet....yep it was a glass of Coke!

Q: Movie star crush?
A: Never really had a crush on a movie star, but I have always been fascinated with Robin
Hood. I do like Colin Firth and Hugh Dancy though! Notice the underlying English
thing going on?

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
A: I'm a hazy grey kind of gal while Stuart is black and white. It makes life

Q: Who's on your iPod?
A: I actually do not have an iPod and am not even sure what one looks like as I am sooo far behind in the technology world. If I did have one it would definitely include James Taylor, Jim Croce, Fleetwood Mac, all sorts of 80's hits and Paul Simon's 'Graceland'.

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
A: Hmm, I really like them both, but I'm going with the older and wiser Luke Skywalker.

Q: Best advice you ever received?
A: "Just be yourself and you'll be cool" - Wubbzy
"Always win your battles at home - first" - King Edward I (Longshanks)

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BadCat said...

I love this interview! I got to know a bit more about one of my fav tweeples/Etsians.

I love your questions, Ms. Winkle. They are fun!


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