Monday, August 17, 2009

Bully Beatdown

**Warning, I'm about to completely destroy my "super cute" blog image. If I haven't already. :oP

I don't have cable, so I have to catch up on the latest/greatest shows using the internet. I was surfing the MTV site and came across a show called Bully Beatdown. I wasn't going to click it, because it sounded kind of mean, but then I thought, hey, maybe these bullies really deserved it. *click*

The show is hosted by Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jason 'Mayhem' Miller and the premise is that the victims submit their stories to the show for review and hopefully get picked. Visions of high school nerds getting swirlies and wedgies came to mind, but most of the victims had far worse. Little brothers beating up big brothers, ex-boyfriends picking on the new boyfriends, even a deadbeat roommate who never paid rent and knocked around his roomies. Yeah, I kind of agreed that someone needed to step in and take these bullies down a notch.

Enter Mayhem. He calls out the bully and challenges him to a fight against an MMA fighter and if the bully wins, he'll get $10,000. If he loses, the money goes straight to the victim. Sounds fair to me. What's amazing is that these bullies actually think they can win against a professional fighter in a cage match! Seriously? Have they even seen those fighters? Jason tends to fan the flame by playing along with the bully; letting him believe that he even has a chance. Though, I don't think any amount of convicing could change their minds.

The show culminates into a final cage match between the bully and the MMA fighter. There are two rounds, each worth $5,000; every time the bully taps out, the victim gets $1,000. Sounds a bit barbaric and I'm normally against violence, however, after meeting these bullies, you're reading to take them down yourself. Talk about vindication and a dose of their own medicine. But will they reform?

So go ahead, get your cage match on and root for the underdog! In this case, the victim and his MMA avenger. :o)

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