Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not So Merry Maid

The sun is shining, the cat is purring and the kids are right outside my bedroom door... screaming. Ah, and so begins another morning. As I drag myself out of bed, I mentally start going through my to-do list: make more korkers, take photos, paint some shirts, design a new business card, work-out.... I open the bathroom door and am met with a pool of water on the floor. Lovely. The kids' new favorite toy is the toilet. I somehow overlooked the appeal but apparently, it's the ideal place for rubber duckies, mermaids and bath toys to go swimming.

After cleaning up the water mess, I go to let the dogs out and find that one of them managed to get out of the kennel and pee not once, but twice on the hardwood floor. Argh! Two more messes to clean up. I start another load of laundry and finish up the dishes, while the girls play in the front room.

"Mommeeeeee, Ryah's being naughty!" I ask Peri what Ryah did and she points to the wall. How the heck did Ryah get a hold of a black crayon?! "Ryah, go sit in timeout." As I scrub the crayon off the wall, Ryah keeps repeating that she'll be a good girl. Nope, as long as I'm scrubbing, you'll be sitting.

After I finish folding laundry, I head upstairs and narrowly miss stepping in cat puke. Seriously!! It's not even 9 am and I'm so done cleaning! Before I can finish cleaning an existing mess, I have a new one to take its place. And so the day goes, then before I know it, it's 7:30 (FINALLY) and the kids go down for the evening. Now I can start on my to-do list! Hm, I can't take photos at night, it's too late to work out, I guess I could paint something but that would require cleaning up afterward. Cleaning? Um, no thanks, let's see what's on Hulu, I'm sure I'll have time tomorrow........


kim* said...

i was reading in my actually a book called but i was happy being shallow about a mom that felt this way. love the book!

Whimsical Creations said...

sigh...i am right there with you!

AlyGatr said...

YYYEEEPP...sounds about right. Here I thought I was going to get a great start on today...and I got stuck in the mob of traffic trying to get to the elementary school half a mile from our house. First day of school. I'm already 20 minutes behind...UGH!


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