Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday! You're Older Than Me!

Red Velvet Cupcake Photo from TulipPhotographicArt

It's Jim's birthday today and it's one of the best days of the year because it reminds me that I'm still younger than him. No matter how old I get, he'll always be a step and a half ahead of me. It's so sweet of him to let me hang onto my youth a little longer. Not that he had a choice but I'm sure this is where the "age before beauty" phrase got started. Yes, definitely originated with him and me; I'm sure of it. He's helping me remain beautiful too! Seriously sweet guy.

Today is also Jim's twin's birthday. I tease him every year that I hope he didn't forget. I love hearing him tell stories about informing people he has a twin sister and they respond with, "Oh, are you identical?" He would give them an odd look and repeat, "SISTER." I think he should have said, "Yes, exactly identical! I've had gender identification issues for years! But I'm leaning more towards male; it's easier to explain the beard."

So "Happy Birthday, Jim!" No really, have a fabulous day because you've already made mine. :o)

Alright, enough snarkiness, let's shop! Some birthday inspired finds............

12 Dandy Tags from farouche
Happy Birthday Banner from bekahjennings

Happy Birthday Hippo from bunnywithatoolbelt

You're How Old? card from Cowisland

Happy Birthday card from goatcards


AlyGatr said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Winklepots!

I have no such pleasure. My hubster is 2 years younger than me...but he likes to pretend it's 20 so he can make me feel even older than I already do. And I like to remind him that statistically I will still likely outlive NYAH!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Happy b-day Jim!

And Holly, I'm more than happy to remind you that you are a whole year older than me!! :) that makes me feel better, since my own husband likes to remind me that I'm three years older than him.

Growing old sucks


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