Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Minivan Clan

Phew, okay, that was the longest two weeks ever, but I'm back, I'm alive and I'm ready to blog away. It's been over a week that I haven't had a voice (literally), but no more, dagnabit! That's what blogging is for.

Now that I'm well, next on the agenda; buying a new car. Not just any car, but one that will get killer gas mileage, seat 6 or 7 people and NOT be a minivan. Yup, all of those are requirements. I flat-out refuse to join the Minivan Clan. I know you pro-minivaners are out there, and probably reading this (or maybe you're not because you're busy chauffeuring your kids, your kids' friends and your kids' friends' friends), but I'm sorry, you can't make me one of you.

There was an episode of Oprah, (okay, don't laugh, I don't normally watch) it was about the truth behind being a mom and it was pretty funny listening to mothers from all over America talk about what it's really like and what they don't tell you. Anyway, one of the moms said that the day she went to buy a minivan, she knew exactly what her dog must have felt like when he had to get neutered. I felt a kindredness with this woman, but I will remain strong and not succumb to the lure of the minivan. I will not be neutured!

Sure it's roomy, gets great gas mileage and can seat more kids than you'd ever care to own, but it's a minivan! They're ugly and they just scream, "I'm a breeder and I need to keep them all boxed up!" I swore I'd never have enough kids to need a minivan, even if I did, they would make lovely hood and roof ornaments before I'd buy the dreaded van.

I will drive an SUV, a crossover or a sedan, so if you have any recommendations on those, I'm all ears. If you happen to drive a minivan, I'm sincerely sorry. :oP


AlyGatr said...

Technically I don't think mine is a minivan. I drive a Mazda 5, which is classified as a "wagon". I flat out refuse to drive a station wagon, but this looks nothing like one. It's built on the frame of a Mazda 6 4 door sedan but has more headroom and two sliding rear doors. There is a 3rd row of seating that you can lay down to allow for more trunk space. If you see it next to a SUV or minivan it is way smaller than either and not so "vanny" looking. My sister has a Honda CRV that is pretty nice too. She had a Subaru Forester, but to me, it was a little too boxy and wagonny looking for me.

To be honest, I don't really care anymore about what I drive as long as it doesn't look like a hunk of junk (I've driven a few of those) or like something the Griswolds would drive. I just need whatever I drive to be easy to handle and not too big. SUV's and I (or trucks) don't have very good track records!

Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, I am a small car driver still.

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

I have always said "I am Mom, must drive minivan....NOT" I will never find myself buying a minivan, it was har enough giving up the convertible for the SUV but you do what you gotta do right, just not with a minivan.
I am currently driving a Ford Escape, it's our second one and I love it. I would like to have purchased the Escape hybrid but it was just a bit pricey for us at the time, however with the gas it should save it may have been a better solution.

I love your blog, you are a great writer!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this post and thought I'd add my two cents, even though you've probably already made your decision and purchase. We have a Kia Rondo, and I love it. Somewhere between a car and an SUV. Lots of cargo space. Two stowed seats in the back to allow for seven seats when needed.


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