Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've Been Better

Being sick sucks. Being sick along with your hubby sucks more. Being sick along with your hubby while your two healthy kids tear the house apart; that takes the Nyquil laced cake.
Both kids have already had the ick, but what I don't understand, is how both of them only suffered for a couple of days while it's been almost a week now and there's no end in sight. As we get older, do our immune systems go to pot? Adults even get the better drugs, so what's the deal?

Honestly, the sore throat, dry cough, fever, chills, insomnia and stuffy head would be tolerable if I didn't have to listen to my children scream at each other, jump on me when I'm trying to rest or watch the insanity swell as we all go a bit stir crazy. The sun is shining and it's been gorgeous the last couple of days; while I leave all of the curtains shut and try to hibernate in my germ laden cocoon which is becoming increasingly more claustrophobic with littered toys, strewn blankets and pillows, and my extra whiny children.

I wish there were Germ Sitters, people you could hire to watch your kids while you recover from whatever ails you. Or even someone to come and yell at them because you've lost your voice on top of everything else. Better yet, I'd love to have a sound-proofed lock down room in my house that I could retreat to and not be bothered for days. Aaaaaaah, sounds wonderful!

In the meantime, please be patient as I channel all my energy into not killing my kids, instead of blogging. Hopefully, whatever this is goes away soon and I can return to my oh so charming self.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Your charming self?? Hmmm... I don't think I've met that side of you. Only your the cynical, snarky self. :)

Just kidding. And I probably shouldn't be kicking you when you are down. My apologies! And hope you are feeling better soon!

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Aww, I hope you feel better soon and take some more of that Nyquil laced cake!!!haha

AlyGatr said...

UGH! Last time I got the ick, I got it, Amelia and Merrick got it...and The Man was fine and kept asking why we were all so grouchy. I wanted to kick him. Nyquil is my best friend! I hope you feel back to normal very soon :)

twolefthands said...

You said it best, it sucks! I hope you and hubby feel better soon!


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