Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a Sucker for Photography

Ballerina in Stripes by AngelinaMoon

I'm a huge fan of the Pounce feature on Etsy. For those not familiar with it, you can search for random shops that have never had a sale or shops that have recently had a sale. I opt for the newbies because they're far more interesting. If you could view my favorites, you would find a TON of photographers. I just love creative photography and I heart these shops left and right! So here are a few of my faves.

A New Day by LovelyJourney

Fantasy in black by ritas79

Waiting for Mr. Tumnus by Jenkiabaphotography

Archimedes' Field by RachelMarsden

Percheron by PHOTOmenagerie

Friday, May 29, 2009

Feature Friday - Emelia Jane

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special…
My name is Emelia Jane and I am currently residing in the lovely village of Shelburne Falls MA. (home of the famous Bridge of Flowers!). I have had a passion for art since I was a child and always knew that was what I wanted do. I focused on photography, glassblowing and walking across Europe (a real class!) in college and continued on to be a glassblower for 6 more years (always taking photographs along the way!) Other than my passion for photography I am an avid hiker, biker, traveler, birder and lover of chocolate.

Q: What do you make/create?
Photography is my passion! I love to experiment with different techniques and styles and to capture an image that will evoke both mystery and beauty. I also have a lot of other hobbies for rainy days. I am always drawing (mostly birds and trees), sewing, painting and making lists of new ideas and projects!

Now onto the really important questions…

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be? Why?
A Kitchen Aid Mixer because I could be an awesome color, I could make anything from pasta to cookies and I would look good on any countertop!

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My Mom

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Hmmm...there have been many but trailing a huge amount of toilet paper that was somehow tucked into my pants through an entire restaurant full of people in Burlington VT definitely hits the top 5 (yes, that really did happen and I still do not know how!)

Q: Movie star crush?
Not a super crush but I do have to say that I swooned a little over Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight and Harrison Ford will always have a special place in my heart (sigh)

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
Hazy grey all the way!

Q: Who’s on your iPod?
The American Analog Set, Archer Prewitt, Arctic Monkeys, Artie Shaw, The Auquabats Badly Drawn Boy, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Bonnie Prince Billy, Broken Social Scene, Calexico, Digable Planets, David Grey, DJ Shadow, Elliott Smith, Feist, The Flaming Lips, Frou Frou, Garden State Soundtrack, Goldfrapp, Gorillaz, Greyboy, Iron and Wine, Isotope 217, Herbie Hancock, Jamiroquai, Kanye West, Lamb, Madonna, Manu Chao, Massive Attack, Modest Mouse, Morcheeba, N*E*R*D, Owen, Pele, Pinback, Radio Head, Sam Prekop, The Sea and Cake, Sigur Ros, Sparkle Horse, Tortoise, Tosca, Ugly Casanova, 5ive Style, a whole bunch of mixes, This American Life, Selected Shorts & The Moth Podcasts and always an audio book (right now it’s The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
Good Question and great to visualize! You are talking to a big fan of both here and I have to say that Harry and Luke have an amazing amount of similarities (both orphans sent to live with an aunt and uncle, both fighting the “dark side”, both have physical scars etc. “gosh I’m a dork!”) but when it comes down to it I am going to have to go with Harry Potter (sorry Luke lovers!). Luke has the force and his light saber but Harry has magic spells (cooler in my opinion) and an invisibility cloak where he could hide from Luke if need be...I can think of a million other reasons why but I’ll keep it at that!

Q: Best advice you ever received?
Always stay true to myself and follow my own path (thanks Mom!)

See more great photography in Emelia's store!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feel the Love! GIVEAWAY

The little heart collector -print by carambatack

I was just given my 1,000th shop heart on Etsy this morning (a big thanks to Admin for putting one of my items on the front page) and since this is a milestone worth celebrating I'm doing not one, but two giveaways! I'm feelin' the love and want to give something back.

The Grand Prize is an I'm Even Hotter Up Close tee (you pick the shirt size and text color)

The Second Prize is a set of korker bows (you pick any set out of my shop)

How do I win one of these fabulous prizes? I'm going to do a little something different and to enter, you'll need to leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is in ElegantSnobbery's shop. Thanks for making the above tee look even better, Marisa. :o) And if you want to help Marisa's "Oregon or Bust Fund," by purchasing anything in any of her 3 shops, I'll give you another entry. Seriously, we need to get her to Oregon ASAP. If anything, to save her sanity. She's already a little nutty. :oP

If you'd like even more chances to win, tweet on your twitter, flaunt on your Facebook, or broadcast on your blog about this giveaway, and leave another comment with the link. Or follow my blog and *poof* leave a comment and you get another one! Wowza, so many chances to win. You know you want to, so have at it! :o)

Contest Ends 6/5/09

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YouTube Tuesday!!

This one is about 7 minutes long, but totally worth it if you have the time to watch the whole thing. Conan went to Intel Headquarters to see "Intel Inside" and it's pretty funny, yet sad, because it's completely true! Yeah, Jim's cubicle is next to pole F6. Seriously, it's part of his Intel address and yes, it really looks that depressing inside. What's funny is that after this aired, Intel was a little embarrassed by the decor, so they painted the lower half of the walls something other than grey, at Headquarters, and tried a new cubicle layout that "failed." See, this is why interior decorators are important. There's something to be said for being functional AND pretty.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Minivan Clan

Phew, okay, that was the longest two weeks ever, but I'm back, I'm alive and I'm ready to blog away. It's been over a week that I haven't had a voice (literally), but no more, dagnabit! That's what blogging is for.

Now that I'm well, next on the agenda; buying a new car. Not just any car, but one that will get killer gas mileage, seat 6 or 7 people and NOT be a minivan. Yup, all of those are requirements. I flat-out refuse to join the Minivan Clan. I know you pro-minivaners are out there, and probably reading this (or maybe you're not because you're busy chauffeuring your kids, your kids' friends and your kids' friends' friends), but I'm sorry, you can't make me one of you.

There was an episode of Oprah, (okay, don't laugh, I don't normally watch) it was about the truth behind being a mom and it was pretty funny listening to mothers from all over America talk about what it's really like and what they don't tell you. Anyway, one of the moms said that the day she went to buy a minivan, she knew exactly what her dog must have felt like when he had to get neutered. I felt a kindredness with this woman, but I will remain strong and not succumb to the lure of the minivan. I will not be neutured!

Sure it's roomy, gets great gas mileage and can seat more kids than you'd ever care to own, but it's a minivan! They're ugly and they just scream, "I'm a breeder and I need to keep them all boxed up!" I swore I'd never have enough kids to need a minivan, even if I did, they would make lovely hood and roof ornaments before I'd buy the dreaded van.

I will drive an SUV, a crossover or a sedan, so if you have any recommendations on those, I'm all ears. If you happen to drive a minivan, I'm sincerely sorry. :oP

Friday, May 22, 2009

Feature Friday - Weber Photography

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special…
I'm Nik. I'm 25 or so and I like to call myself a photographer. I live in the biggest city in South Dakota, and I work at a daycare being a substitute mommy to eight infants. I gave up a higher paying social work job to work with infants after having trouble starting a family of my own. I'm married to Jake, who is my best friend, and we have two beagles, Wendell and Vivian. We hang out at the dog park on Sundays. For fun, I read, write poetry and letters, watch movies, play card and board games, play guitar, sing really loudly, and cuddle with my husband and dogs.

Q: What do you make/create?
As I mentioned, I make visual art by way of camera- specifically digital photography or collages. I branched out into the "Through the Viewfinder" style, but due to extra equipment, it's not my favorite medium. If I ever feel ambitious, I create journals/notebooks and address books as well, but that business long-ago took a backseat to photography.

Now onto the really important questions…

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be? Why?
I would be a blender. I like to mix things up to create something a little more funky.

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
The last person I spoke to on the phone was my husband. He called with a random question.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I don't really get too embarrassed, so that's a hard question to answer. I do remember, recently, going into a men's bathroom and using it before realizing what bathroom I was in.

Q: Movie star crush?
Hmm. I don't have a movie star crush. I'll opt for a musician instead; John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. Dreamy. Swoon.

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
Black, more dramatic, easier to keep clean.

Q: Who’s on your iPod?
It's a pretty eclectic mix of artists like Weezer, Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls, Ingrid Michaelson, Rosanne Cash, Sting, Queen, Lifehouse, Garth Brooks, Lady Antebellum, Guns and Roses, Enya, and many... many... many more.

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
I would win because I'm a real person... I don't know anything about either one of them, really. I like ninjas. They're not a choice.

Q: Best advice you ever received?
Be yourself.

I love love love her photography. Click here for more!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've Been Better

Being sick sucks. Being sick along with your hubby sucks more. Being sick along with your hubby while your two healthy kids tear the house apart; that takes the Nyquil laced cake.
Both kids have already had the ick, but what I don't understand, is how both of them only suffered for a couple of days while it's been almost a week now and there's no end in sight. As we get older, do our immune systems go to pot? Adults even get the better drugs, so what's the deal?

Honestly, the sore throat, dry cough, fever, chills, insomnia and stuffy head would be tolerable if I didn't have to listen to my children scream at each other, jump on me when I'm trying to rest or watch the insanity swell as we all go a bit stir crazy. The sun is shining and it's been gorgeous the last couple of days; while I leave all of the curtains shut and try to hibernate in my germ laden cocoon which is becoming increasingly more claustrophobic with littered toys, strewn blankets and pillows, and my extra whiny children.

I wish there were Germ Sitters, people you could hire to watch your kids while you recover from whatever ails you. Or even someone to come and yell at them because you've lost your voice on top of everything else. Better yet, I'd love to have a sound-proofed lock down room in my house that I could retreat to and not be bothered for days. Aaaaaaah, sounds wonderful!

In the meantime, please be patient as I channel all my energy into not killing my kids, instead of blogging. Hopefully, whatever this is goes away soon and I can return to my oh so charming self.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Feature Friday - Humblebea

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special…
Well, let's see... I am a happily married, stay-at-home Mom of two teens, Mackenzie and Noah and two shih-tzu's, Gracie and Oliver. I found Etsy at the perfect time in my life and have committed all of my free-time to my little shop. I am very lucky to have a family that supports my passion, although Gracie sometimes gets a little bit jealous.

Q: What do you make/create?
I make wee gnomes and birds out of polymer clay, clothing and accessories for children, felt baby shoes... I pretty much make whatever I am in the mood for.

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be?
That's easy, I would be Ellen DeGeneres' telephone.

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My husband. I have him and my Mom on speed dial and talk to them throughout the day.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
The first week I was married we had just moved into our new home. I thought it would be nice to start the charcoal grill and surprise my husband with dinner when he got home. I had never done this before and was very proud that I had started a fire all by myself. While the charcoal was heating, I turned around to pull a few weeds and was amazed at how many people were driving by and waving. "What a friendly neighborhood", I thought to myself. And then it happened, a neighbor got out of his car and ran over to put out the fire on the flaming bag of charcoal in my front yard. Oops.

Q: Movie star crush?
I would stay up late any night to watch Hugh Grant on the David Letterman show. Partly for Hugh Grant, partly for Dave. Johnny Depp is also on my list.

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
Hazy Grey.

Q: Who’s on your iPod?
At the risk of teen eye-rolling everywhere, I have to admit that I don't own an ipod. I love the Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox 20, Train, and my all-time favorite: Celene Dion. Oh, I can do a great rendition of "Milkshake".

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win?
Harry Potter, especially if Snape was on his team.

Q: Best advice you ever received?
My Mom, twolefthands, was always creating something when I was growing up. She told me "make sure your back looks as good as your front" and it really stuck with me. I think you can apply this to all aspects of life.

Picking just 3 items from Humblebea's store was a challenge! Click here for more!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fuzzykins Snuffle Huggsies Grandma Muffins

I think these segments are HILARIOUS! If you have time, YouTube the Jewelry Face segment. Anyway, I'm holding my breath waiting for the Fuzzykins Snuffle Huggsies Grandma Muffins to curb my chocolately cravings....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Pros and Cons

As with any job, there are pros and cons to Motherhood. And with any luck, your list of pros outweighs your list of cons, which is how your children manage to live for another day.

Surprisingly, being a stay-at-home-mom isn't all that different from my previous jobs in Corporate America; my boss is younger than me, knows more than I do and tends to make outrageous demands on my time. You want me to do your laundry, chauffeur you to preschool, pick up your room and make you lunch? All before noon? I nod and smile and hope that all of this leads to a promotion called Grandma, in about 20 years. This can also be secretly referred to as Payback and is high on the Pro List. Play your cards right and you can parlay that promotion into Great Grandma and be the CEO and Monarch over all your subjects. You will be "The Godmother" and know all. Of course, we all know you hold this power now but you exercise it sparingly in order to give your kids a false sense of hope because it's more fun when you yank the rug out from under them later. This is also high on the Pro List.

Unfortunately, your kids will eventually become teenagers and any way you spin it, this is a big Con. While they'll want to spend less time with you, be able to drive themselves around and hopefully start making their own money (yes all big Pros) they'll continue to mooch room and board, become experts of knowledge and cause you insomnia while you wait up all night for them to come home. *sigh* Con. But this is when the power of The Motherhood can be fun. The punishments are better at this age. TV? Gone. Cell phone? Disabled. Car? Hahahaha, yeah, that's mine and you can't drive it. Pro. Pro. Pro.

So this Mother's Day, I will personally revel in the fact that while my bosses may be big pains in my @$$ at times, they are still blissfully unaware of the power that Motherhood has given me. And I think I shall let them survive yet another day because the future could be fun and despite it all, I still inexplicably love them. But oh how the tables will turn. Mwahahahahaha....ha.

Happy Mother's Day! :o)

You Can't Scare Me tee from signaturetshirts

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feature Friday - Apple Loves Orange

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special…
My name is April, I'm a SAHM to 2 lovely little ladies and little, black Chihuahua. Not sure what makes me special... I'd like to think I'm pretty creative.

Q: What do you make/create?
In this shop you'll find my original photography as prints, note cards, greeting cards and tags. I have another shop that features beaded stuff.

Now onto the really important questions…

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be? Why?
I would have to say my Kitchen Aid mixer. It's the best darn thing! Cookies, brownies, cakes, etc... YES PLEASE!!

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
I'm pretty sure it was my Mommy. Checking to make sure my furry child was doing ok at her house.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Does my whole life count?? I'm a HUGE klutz, so embarrassing things are occurring all the time! How about breaking my toe (by smacking it into a dresser) while running to check a bid on Ebay.

Q: Movie star crush?
Hmmmmmmm... I have to agree with Marisa and say James McAvoy. He first caught my attention in "Children of Dune"

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
I'm all about the hazy grey. Grey is the new black, right?

Q: Who’s on your iPod?
Don't have one, but I have very eclectic music taste. Mute Math, Paramore, Rhianna, Carrie Underwood, Crystal Method, Flyleaf and Dave Matthews, just to name a few.

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
I think I'm gonna have to go with Luke. I'm an HP fan, but those light sabers are SOOOOOO cool!

Q: Best advice you ever received?
Never give up. I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but if you love what you are doing, keep plugging away at it. Things may be slow moving, but you'll get there!

I'm a big fan of 'Reflected'. Want to see more? Visit April's shop here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Meet the Nicest People on Etsy

Please ignore my double chin. It's hard to take a photo and look fabulous at the same time. :oP

Over a year ago, I joined an Etsy street team called Fabulous Artistic Moms or FAM for short. As a getting to know you game, we were asked to submit photos of ourselves our senior year of high school and a recent picture of us. The game was to match up the old photo with the new photo and guess who it was. More than once, people kept confusing my photos with Marisa's and they had a hard time telling us apart. We started calling each other our twin.

Soon thereafter, I posted a forum thread about not loving the whole stay-at-home-mom bit and wondering if I was alone. Marisa responded that she felt the same way and a friendship was born.

Marisa lives in Texas so hanging out was out of the question but we did talk on the phone almost every day for the last year. And we easily had hour long conversations if not longer. It was fabulous. Like talking to myself but not in a crazy kind of way.

Then last month, Marisa was able to make a solo trip out here to visit and we had a blast! I was worried that meeting in person might be kind of awkward (I'd hate to be considered better on the phone) but it was as if we'd known each other for years and hanging out was just second nature.

We packed a lot 'o fun into those few days. We went to Seaside Beach, Portland's Saturday Market, Darcelle's Drag Show, Helvetia Tavern and a bit of shopping. And since she's the skinny twin (for now) I told her she had to model my new tees while she was here. "Will model for food" I told her.

We had so much fun and hopefully, Marisa and her family will be moving out this way next year. They were interested in Portland before she and I ever met, but after coming here, she's sold and now she and her family have some fabulous friends just waiting. :o)

Marisa and I with the "lovely" Darcelle

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

YouTube Tuesday!!

This was, by far, the funniest commercial during the Superbowl this year, so in case you missed it, here's the best copy I could find that had an embedding code.

I've gotta get me one of those magic crystal balls. If anything to claim that pretty Lexus that so clearly should be mine. :oP

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday! You're Older Than Me!

Red Velvet Cupcake Photo from TulipPhotographicArt

It's Jim's birthday today and it's one of the best days of the year because it reminds me that I'm still younger than him. No matter how old I get, he'll always be a step and a half ahead of me. It's so sweet of him to let me hang onto my youth a little longer. Not that he had a choice but I'm sure this is where the "age before beauty" phrase got started. Yes, definitely originated with him and me; I'm sure of it. He's helping me remain beautiful too! Seriously sweet guy.

Today is also Jim's twin's birthday. I tease him every year that I hope he didn't forget. I love hearing him tell stories about informing people he has a twin sister and they respond with, "Oh, are you identical?" He would give them an odd look and repeat, "SISTER." I think he should have said, "Yes, exactly identical! I've had gender identification issues for years! But I'm leaning more towards male; it's easier to explain the beard."

So "Happy Birthday, Jim!" No really, have a fabulous day because you've already made mine. :o)

Alright, enough snarkiness, let's shop! Some birthday inspired finds............

12 Dandy Tags from farouche
Happy Birthday Banner from bekahjennings

Happy Birthday Hippo from bunnywithatoolbelt

You're How Old? card from Cowisland

Happy Birthday card from goatcards

Friday, May 1, 2009

Feature Friday - The Peach Tree

Q: Tell us a little about yourself; what makes you so special…
Oh wow, that's a loaded question :) I'm just your run of the mill Midwestern transplant into the big city of Brooklyn. I'm in love with what I do which I wish more people in their daily lives, were able to feel!

Q: What do you make/create?
I create classic, simple pieces of jewelry stemming from my passion for rocks and minerals. I then leave it up to the interested party whether or not they want to embellish to their heart's content!

Now onto the really important questions…

Q: If you were an appliance, what kind of appliance would you be? Why?
A tea Kettle. I get all steamed up and use my bubbly inspiration to create whatever I'm passionate about at that moment :)

Q: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My boyfriend

Q: Biggest pet peeve?
Ugh, grammer. There, They're, Their. That kind of thing.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
*zips the lip*

Q: Movie star crush?
Adam Brody... it's a serious problem....

Q: Black and white or a hazy grey?
Hmm... White I think. I wonder what a psychiatrist would have to say about this question.

Q: Who’s on your iPod?
I don't use it! Eek, probably Ryan Adams, Wilco, Supergrass, etc.

Q: If Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter dueled, who would win? Why?
I'd have to say Han Solo would probably come into the duel and whoop them both with his dazzling smile :)

Q: Best advice you ever received?
You're too young to get married (is that even advice? I don't know, but it changed my life!)

Simply gorgeous dahlink! Want to see more?
Check out Peach Tree's shop


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